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Beads and Crystals Ring

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This delicate beaded ring is made using the same stitch as the peyote rings, bracelets, and beads that we’ve posted before. This project is all about how changing up the beads used can make a huge impact on the look of the finished ring.

A ring made from seed beads and Czech crystals.

– 3mm fire polished Czech crystals
– 8/0 seed beads
– 11/0 seed beads
– 11/0 cylinder beads
– beading needle
– beading thread (I used Nymo 00)


You can make this ring as tall as you want, but I found 7 crystals to be a nice size. If you use 7 crystals like I did you’ll need 14 each of the 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads, then a couple grams of the 11/0 cylinders. You could replace the 11/0 cylinders with 15/0 seed beads if you prefer.


From this point on, I’ll refer to the 3mm crystals as “crystals,” the 8/0 seed beads as “large,”, the 11/0 seed beads as “medium,” and the 11/0 cylinders as “small.” Continuing to use the size notations makes the instructions unnecessarily complicated!


Want more information about seed bead sizes, shapes and finishes? Click here for Seed Bead Basics.


You should be well versed in peyote stitch before trying this project, if you’re new to the technique you might want to try out the Beaded Rings project first – it has full how-to instructions to help you get the hang of peyote!


Tension is important to this project – keep the thread as tight as you can without breaking the thread or hurting your hands.

Add a temporary bead as a knot, then string on 4 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 2 crystals, 2 large, and 2 medium beads.

Add an even number of small beads until you can make a loop large enough to slide easily onto the finger you plan to wear the ring on. This technique will cause the ring to shrink up just a little.


Go through all of the beads twice, then through the first 2 beads again.

Add a small bead (in standard peyote style) and stitch through the next small bead.

Add another small bead and stitch through a medium bead. The small bead should be above a medium bead.


The larger beads are placed in a diagonal pattern to allow them to fit within the structure of the peyote.

Add a medium bead, and stitch into a large bead. The medium bead should be aligned above a large bead.

Add a large bead and stitch through a crystal.

Add a crystal and stitch through a large bead.

Add a large bead and stitch through a medium bead.

Add a medium bead and stitch through a small bead.


Add small beads to the end of the row.

At the end of the row you’ll have to “step up” to start the next row. Do this by stitching through the last bead in this row as usual, then through the first bead in the row you’re finishing. The thread will be in position to start the next row.

Keep repeating the same row until the ring is the height you want. This image shows the ring after all of the large beads have been added in the next row.

This is a different angle on the same point in construction.

When the ring is the right size finish your row and weave in your threads. You can see a lot of fibers from the Nymo thread because my work space was SO dry when I was making this ring. They all disappear quickly when I actually started wearing the ring.

As soon as the tails are woven in and trimmed the ring is ready to wear.