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Diagonal Float Braid

by Kris | 3 responses | February 21, 2013

We recently received an email from a reader named Mina with a picture of a braid, asking if we could identify it. I took on the challenge, and in spite of my best efforts I couldn’t come up with an origin for it. Braids are often a created for functionality, so most have a special value or meaning to someone, somewhere. Even though my research didn’t work out, I did figure out how to make it.

Flat Diagonal Float Braid, made from waxed cotton, suede or leather

The most basic way to weave a fabric is a flat weave – over, under, over, under. If you ever learned to weave in an elementary school art class you’re already familiar with the process. To make a satin fabric, some of the threads go over more than one strand running the other direction. These longer strands are what make satin fabric look glossy in a way that broadcloth doesn’t. This braid is sort of the satin equivalent to more common types of braiding.


This is a braid best constructed of heavier strands – strips of leather or suede, waxed cotton, or rope. It needs a minimum of 5 strands, but theoretically could be made with an unlimited amount of strands, though additional strands reduce the stability of the braid. The braid shown uses 6, I would expect a braid with more than 8 threads to be pretty weak. The braid is identical on the front and back, and is very flat.

Flat Diagonal Float Braid, made from waxed cotton, suede or leather

The first step is to pick up the strand farthest to the right and pass it under the strand directly to it’s left, then across all but the last strand on the left.

Flat Diagonal Float Braid, made from waxed cotton, suede or leather

Bring that farthest left strand over the working strand, an tighten it all up.


The braid is made by repeating this over and over – the working strand (farthest right) goes under the strands on the right and left side of the braid, but over all the others.


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  • Mina

    Can u , please, post more photos or detail cause i dont understand hot to start and finish? and how much materials do i need?

  • Kat

    I love how flat this braid turns out to be. But I can't figure out how to end this with out it loosening up, any suggestions?

  • Mina

    And what should i do with left strand? I cant do it like you said… :-(