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Flower Beaded Bead Tutorial Download

A tutorial for making pretty beaded beads that look like a cluster of flowers.

  • Description

    This pattern shows you how to make a lovely beaded bead out of 10 little flowers to add a unique dimension to accessory projects like necklaces, bag decorations, key fobs, and more. The project makes use of peyote stitch to create a statement beaded bead. This easy digital download that includes a step-by-step photo and diagram tutorial will be instantly available at time of purchase so you can begin to expanding your beading repertoire today.


    I use Twitter, I have a personal blog/portfolio, and I've recently started using Instagram, mostly for inspiration images and upcoming HDYMT projects.

  • Supply List

    -seed beads - These can be 11° or 15° rocailles. It's easiest to make your first with 11° because you have a little more room to work. Avoid Delicas and other square cut beads for this, they don't look as nice or fit together as well.

    - beading needles

    - beading thread - I'm using O weight Nymo - you need a strong, smooth thread as you will need to pull it through a few beads at once during several different steps in the process.

    - sharp scissors with a narrow point for neat thread trimming

  • Sizing

    11° seed beads make a finished bead about 1.5 inches | 3.8cm across.


    15° seed beads make a finished bead about 1 inch | 2.5cm across.

  • Required Skills

    This is definitely an advanced project. You should be comfortable with peyote stitch (ideally at least some experience with flat round peyote). The project is documented with both diagrams and photos, so you have different ways of understanding the steps.

  • Formats

    This download can be printed on US Letter or A4 paper - just choose 'fit to page' in your printer dialogue.

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Home >> Shop >> Flower Beaded Bead Tutorial Download