Reader Gallery Submission

Hi! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in adding something to the Reader Gallery.

– Please submit the clear, sharp, well lit images with uncluttered backgrounds that show off your work in the best possible way.

– We will include your name, link, inspiration project, location and public comments with your images. All other fields are just for us.

– Images between 750 and 1000 pixels wide are best.

– By submitting you are certifying that the image(s) are your property and that we can use them in the reader gallery and in any other way we choose to. We will make sure that any use is credited to you!

– After filling out this page you’ll be sent to a file upload page. – There is no limit on submissions, if you are selected we will notify you when your image(s) are added!

– When you submit successfully the form just clears (we’re working on a fix for that, and if you’re worried feel free to double check that we received it via the contact form!)