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Triangular Chain Bracelet

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This chain is a dramatic statement piece. It is made with two colors of rings in two very different sizes. It’s also incredibly flexible and easily conforms to the curve of your wrist, neck, or anywhere else you want to drape it.


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Don’t let this project intimidate you. It looks complicated, but it’s really all about making sure every little ring loops through 4 big rings. That’s the whole trick, right there. Also, if you’ve made this collar the weave is the same, just with different sizes of rings and a 3D final step!

1 package of 16 gauge 5/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut – Anodized Aluminum Orange
1 package of 18 gauge 3/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut – Anodized Aluminum Gold
1 clasp – big enough to clasp around the larger ring
2 pairs of jewelry pliers – I used one needlenose and one roundnose
masking tape OR jewelry pliers with vinyl pads


If you don’t have a handmaid to help you dress you might want to use a magnetic clasp. Aluminum in non-ferrous so the magnet will only stick to itself, not the rest of your bracelet!

If you want to use different sizes of rings, this is what you need to know:
For this pattern to work the small ring should fit inside the large ring and the small ring must be able to loop through 4 of the larger rings with a bit of room to wiggle.

Anodized aluminum will scuff if you use normal metal pliers with it. Anodizing is a thin coat of color on top of aluminum. It stays pretty and bright through normal use but steel pliers are harder than aluminum so they will mar your rings. To avoid this you can either use pliers with nylon jaws (I’m still on a hunt to find a pair that I like the size and shape of) or you can wrap your pliers with a few layers of masking tape. Pay attention as you work, the tape will break down. I had to re-wrap mine a couple of times through the process.


All of the large rings will be closed during the weaving process – they’re probably just slightly open out of the package so go ahead and close a bunch to save time. Use this tutorial on opening and closing jumprings if you’re unfamiliar with the right way to do it!

Loop one small ring through 4 large ones. Lay it out as shown.

Loop a small ring through two of the large rings as shown.

Add two large rings and close the small ring.

Repeat what you just did – place one small ring through two large rings.

Add two more large rings and close the small ring.


Continue in this pattern – a small ring through two large rings, then add two rings – until the length of the chain is about 3 inches longer than the bracelet length you need.

I flipped my chain over because I found it easier to work this direction.


Loop a small ring through the two large rings on the end of the chain as shown.

Add two more large rings and close the small ring.

Loop a small ring through three large rings as shown – two rings from the foundation chain and one of the large rings you just added.

Add one large ring and close the small ring.

Repeat this step – looping one small ring through three rings that were already attached, then adding a large ring and closing the small ring.

Continue this pattern until you reach the end of the foundation chain.

Set the chain on your work surface so that the rings are oriented this way.

This is how the chain is formed – the large rings fold together into a triangle shape. You will be using more of the small rings to close up that seam. The seam closes in the same pattern as the foundation chain (thinking of it that way might make it easier to work through.) Be sure to read the text with the following steps.


If you’ve manipulated your chain to match this photo lay it flat again before continuing.

Bring together two rings from each side (four rings total) and loop a small ring through them. The photo isn’t super clear about it, but it really is just looped through those four rings. (This step is the equivalent of when you started the foundation chain – one small ring through four large rings.)

Lift up one ring on each side of the chain.

Loop through two of the large rings shared by the last small ring you added, plus the two large rings you just folded up. (This is equivalent to the second step in the foundation chain, where you loop a small ring through two large rings and add two more large rings.)

Continue with the same steps – lift up one large ring on each side of the chain.

Place a small ring through the last four large rings. Continue this to the end of the chain. When you’re close to the end check that the chain is long enough – if it’s not, build up the flat strip until it is long enough and continue folding it closed. The dimensionality causes the chain to shrink when it wraps around curves, so you’ll have to keep adjusting as you go to get a perfect fit.

Each end of the chain will be three large rings. They can be kind of floppy. For a nicer finish loop one small ring through two of the large rings and close. Do the same for each “pair” of large rings until you have three small rings in place.

It should look like this.

At one end loop another small ring through two of the small rings at the end and add a clasp. The clasp will be able to hook over a large ring at the other end of the chain, or you can add a loop on the other side to hook the clasp into.

Done! Make sure the chain isn’t twisted when you put it on.

Rings Giveaway sponsored by The Ring Lord!


Not only did The Ring Lord graciously sponsor this project, they’re also going to give a lucky reader their choice of rings to make it themselves!

The prize:
1 package of 16 gauge 5/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut in Anodized Aluminum
1 package of 18 gauge 3/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut in Anodized Aluminum

To Enter:
1. You must live in the US or Canada.
2. You must enter by March 14th at 11:59pm Central Time.
3. Go to The Ring Lord’s website and decide what colors of anodized aluminum rings you would use to make this bracelet.
4. Comment your color choices below.

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