9 Strand Braid

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Braids are endlessly useful as quick friendship bracelets, jewelry components, trims, and more. This 9 strand braid is a little bit thick and has a nice subtle diagonal motif to it. I’m planning to use these and some other braids I’m working on to make another version of my Summer Camp Bracelet.

I made these braids with embroidery floss. Decide on your finished length, then multiply it 1.5, and add at least 3 inches/7.5cm for tails to hold onto while braiding. As always, I’m braiding on cork panels and holding the strands in place with pins.

To make my braid exactly, cut 2 strands each of 3 colors, and 3 strands of 1 color. Tie them together with an overhand knot. Place the strands as shown, symmetrically with the 3 strands at the center.


Start with the strand farthest to the right. Go over 2 strands, then under 2 strands.


Now with the strand farthest to the left, go over 2 strands and under 2 strands.


With the strand farthest to the right, go under 2 strands, then over two strands. This is the opposite of how we were doing it before.


With the strand farthest to the left, go under 2 strands, the over 2 strands.


That’s all there is to it – over 2, under 2; over 2, under 2; under 2, over 2; under 2 , over 2. Repeat that until your braid is long enough.


I found my nicest results happened when I would do one repeat loosely, then carefully tighten it up to the rest of the braid. This braid is on the tricky side – I started over a couple times before I really got the result I wanted. Don’t be afraid to undo the braid and start over, especially once you’re an inch in and realize how much nicer it looks than it did at the start.


The braid would look great in one color – it has a really nice texture – but if you have the option to do it in multiple colors first that would probably be an easier way to learn it.