Make This:

Beaded Diamond Pendant

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This necklace is perfect summer jewelry – beachy tones in a clean design.

This is a great first project in brick stitch (tutorial here.)

Supplies and Equipment:

– seed beads – these are matte opaque size 15 in cream, seafoam, robin’s egg and black (consider swaping them for size 11 beads – they’re much easier if you’re new to beading)
– thread – this is nymo in size OO
– beading needle
– sharp scissors
– jump ring
– necklace chain with clasp


You should have a working knowledge of brick stitch – here’s a tutorial on the subject.

Click here to print just the pattern!


Start at the widest part of the design – in this case the center row. Make the foundation row following the pattern (3 black, 3 blue, 3 green, 2 cream, 3 green, 3 blue, 3 black.)

Work the next row, following the pattern and decreasing one bead on each end.

When you get to the point you’ll need to add a single bead. Simply add a bead, then go down through the other bead in the last row. Make sure you can wiggle a jump ring through the gap between the two beads in the second to last row (you can loosen things now to make it fit if need be.)

Work the thread down from the point to either end of the foundation row and continue working to the other point.


I ran thread around the whole edge of the diamond and pulled it a bit to give the diamond a slight curve. This is totally optional, I just did it for a little extra dimension. Weave the threads in and trim them flush.

Add the jump ring and place the pendant on a chain!