Make This:

Blue and Black Sequin Bracelet

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I am so obsessed with sequins right now. These flat black sequins add a lot of glamour in an understated way – perfect for wearing out on a hot summer night. Because this bracelet is kind of big you can catch glimpses of the inside while it’s being worn, I took this as an opportunity to add a bright pop of electric blue color.

Materials and Equipment:

wooden bracelet – this one is from
– 4 yards of single strand sequins
– paint – something water based
– E6000 or similar glue
– brushes, toothpicks, scissors, standard crafty stuff

Star out by base coating your bracelet. Make sure there’s no gap between the colors of paint, and take your time so your brush strokes look even. It will probably take a few coats.

Take a couple sequins off the end of the strand. Glue down the tails as shown – other rows of sequins will cover this. Give it a few minutes to dry so you don’t pull the end up.

Glue the sequins down tightly pushed together in rows. Glue a few inches, set the sequins in, repeat. The glue sticks best to the thread so be sure that ends up in the glue. Be careful not to smear glue on the front – that can end up looking like white specks. I was able to clean up most of the specks with an old toothbrush after the bracelet was totally dry.

When you have almost the whole thing wrapped cut the strand a few sequins past the end. Pull those extra sequins off.

Glue the tails onto the back of the strand, then finish gluing the remaining sequins into place.

That’s all! Let it dry, put it on, then go find yourself a dance party!