Curved Whole Stitch Lace

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Once you’ve worked out how to make the Whole Stitch/Torchon Ground (in this previous project), you can work it on a different grid to make this s-curving lace. It’s still the exact same stitch, but the finished project looks very different.

This pattern uses 24 ends/bobbins (12 strands folded in half.) For info on how to prepare your strands and bobbins, see the Basics of Bobbin Lace post. I used 18 inch long ends and worked about 10 inches of lace in #30 crochet cotton.


Print this pattern: Curved Lace Grid

Because the pattern is designed to be endlessly repeatable, you need to make a little compensation at the start. Pin as shown, and start the lace from there.


On this piece I tied my pairs of bobbins together, really as an experiment. I used the knots from the Starting Braids with Very Small Knots post. If the end of your lace won’t be shown this is a nice way to make it a little more durable, but if it will show then use the same kind of start as in the Whole Stitch Ground project.

From here I’m going to leave the photos without much annotation – it’s really the same as making the lace straight, the pictures are here if you need a little extra guidance. Be sure to start with a bobbin twist for each pair (right over left) and don’t forget to double twist the edges.

You can easily add another piece of pattern here and keep going indefinitely.


When you’re done, tie it off as appropriate for your application – see the Basics of Bobbin Lace post for more information.

Lace made this way has a surprising amount of structure without any finishing treatments added.