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Eyelet Knit Bow

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Now that it’s sweater weather (where I’m at, anyway) it’s time to break out the knitting needles.  This project has a few things going for it:
– it’s quick (I made this in an evening, but I could have made a few)
– it’s a great way to test out a dye color
– it would be a good way to get started on lace knitting
– once attached to a pin back, hair clip or headband it’s a pretty fall accessory

– white crochet thread in size 10 (or the color of your choice)
– size 4 US / size 3.5mm knitting needles
– blunt needle for working with hand knits
– 2 yards of 1/8 inch ribbon (optional – I included a picture of what it looks like without ribbon)
– dye (also optional)
– fabric glue (if you’re weaving in ribbons)


Eyelet Knitting Pattern

Cast on 25 stitches.
Pattern Row 1: k1, *k1, k2tog, m1, k1, m1, s1, k1, psso, k2* (repeat between the * * twice)
Pattern Row 2: purl


Knit this until you have 8.5 inches.  Cast off, end thread leaving about 12 inches of tail.


Cast on 7 stitches.
Pattern Row: k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1


Knit until you have 2 inches.  Cast off, end thread, leaving about 8 inches of tail.

This is the point where you should dye it, if you’re of a mind to.

Fold the larger piece in half, use the blunt needle and one of the tails to sew the ends together into a loop.  Tie the thread end into place.

This is what it looks like without ribbon, skip ahead if this is your preference.

Weave ribbon through the eyelet holes.  Glue the ends together into loops, cut a new piece for each row of weaving.  Allow the glue to dry thoroghly before continuing.


Align the center front with the back seam.  Stitch with one of the tails down the seam line, using a larger running stitch.

Pull the thread up tight to gather the center of the bow.  If the bow looks asymetrical pull this out and try again.


Tie the thread off, then wrap the remaining tails around the center, tying them into place as well.  The idea is just to keep the center of the bow nicely gathered.


Wrap the small piece around the center of the bow.  Sew it together in the back, tie off the ends and weave them in.

You’re done!