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Feature Stone Bracelet

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One current fashion trend that I have been enjoying recently is bringing bits of nature into what you wear.  There are so many beautiful rocks and stones around and making them the centerpiece of a bracelet is a great way to incorporate them into your look.


– A stone or rock that you want to feature
– A basic bracelet – the one I used came from our sponsor DIY Bangles
– Craft Lace (typically located with leatherworking supplies or trimmings)
– E6000 glue
– Small clamps
– A toothpick or similar object to spread the glue
– An old toothbrush (to remove glue that comes up between the lacing)


Directions are located below the image collage.

This project is actually very simple and easy.  Spread some glue along approximately 1″ of the inside and outside of the bracelet.  Place the end of your lacing in the glue and begin to wrap the lacing around the wooden bracelet.  Make sure the edges of the lacing are pushed closely together.  Use small clamps to hold everything in place and into the glue while the glue dries.


Work your way around the bracelet spreading glue as you go.  I found it to work best if I did a short distance and let the glue set before continuing.


When you get about halfway around the bracelet you’ll want to determine the exact placement of your stone and how you want to wrap lacing around it to hold it in place.  The stone I used only required 2 wraps of lacing to secure but some stones may take more careful placement or more wraps to decorate the appearance of the stone. Once you have decided how you want the stone held in place, start a second piece of lacing (for wrapping around the stone only) by gluing the new end to the inside of the bracelet.  Wrap the original lacing around the new end one or two wraps to secure the end.


Wrap the original lacing around the bracelet (leaving the new end you just added free) approximately the width of the stone.  Place the stone and wrap the secondary piece of lacing around it as desired.  Put a dab of glue under the stone’s lacing on the inside of the bracelet for extra security.  Make sure your lacing is tight against the stone to hold it in place well.  When you are happy with the placement of the lacing around the stone, cut the end of the second piece of lacing and glue it to the wood on the inside of the bracelet.  Secure the cut end of lacing for the stone by wrapping the original lacing over the top of the end.


Continue to wrap lacing around the bracelet until you have covered the wood entirely.  Trim the lacing and glue the end in place on the inside of the bracelet.  If glue comes up between the wraps of lacing, use an old toothbrush to rub the dried glue away (Note: don’t use the toothbrush in your mouth after using it on craft projects like this).