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Fold In Half Wallet – Patterning Part 3

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The larger picture of how pieces will be assembled is in place.  Now we can work on preparing the smaller pieces.

Make a pattern for a leather wallet

If you missed it Click here to see Part 2.


Each piece of the wallet is shown just to the right of the inside wallet backing pattern piece.

One-by-one we need to trace the stitching points onto each pattern piece. I’m going to start with the cash pocket. I position the Cash Pocket pattern piece on top of the pattern piece for the inside wallet backing.

Trace the stitch markings onto the pattern piece for the cash pocket.  Set the pattern piece aside.

Do the same for the bonus pocket.

For the card pockets, we are going to make a small adjustment to give the pockets a bit more room to hold things.


The open end of this pocket will be toward the fold of the wallet.  Widen the open end of the pocket by adding 1/8″ (0.3cm) to either side of the pocket.  Re-draw the sides of the pocket after adding the extension.

Trace the stitching marks to the closed end of the pocket.

Using the point in the corner as  reference, rotate the card pocket piece to align the sides.  Transfer the stitching marks.  Then, set it aside.

The card pocket is designed to be sewn down in the middle to create 2 pockets.  We need to create the layout for sewing the card pocket to the cash pocket.  Line up the straight edge of the two pockets.

Layout a stitching line.

Transfer the stitching marks to the cash pocket.

In Part 4 we will set the stitching pattern for the other half of the wallet.