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Freshwater Pearl Charm Bracelet

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Pearl jewelry is popular for a reason – it’s pretty, classic, and goes with almost everything. This bracelet turns ordinary pearl beads into little charms, then hangs them from chain to make the perfect charm bracelet.

a charm bracelet made with freshwater pearls

Supplies and Equipment:
– freshwater pearls – I used two different shades
– head pins – I had some fancy ones with little round ends, but the ordinary flat kind would look just as nice
– jump rings
– jewelry chain
– clasp (or a bracelet chain with a clasp already attached)
– bead caps (optional)
– needle nose pliers
– round nose pliers
– wire cutters


Some beads are sold at “carat weight” instead of by strand or count. These tend to have extremely tiny holes that are hard to get wires through, but they also tend to be the nicest of beads. This is just a warning that pearls bought by weight might give you trouble with this project and be better left to stringing on silk!


Start by counting up how many charms you want – I went with one per chain link, but you could use more or less for different styles of bracelet. Count out that many pearls.

I strung together a pearl with a couple of bead caps on a head pin to see how it looked. Bead caps are a nice way to dress up your beads, or to manage beads with large or chipped holes.

I decided I liked this simpler look better, so I skipped the bead caps.

Bend the wire over at about a 90º angle.

Trim it down with the wire cutters. Trimming all of your wires to the same length is the most important thing, I usually aim for about 3/8 of an inch.

Use the round nose pliers to make a little loop from the remaining wire.

Do the same thing with the rest of your pearls, until each one is a charm.


Lay them out in the order they’ll go onto the chain.

Use a jump ring to hook each charm to the chain. Try to keep all of the charms on the same side of the chain, this helps the bracelet look nicer.


If you’ve never used jump rings before be sure to check out this post for info on how to do it well so they last a long time.

Add a clasp at one end. My clasp hooked nicely into the chain, but if your clasp doesn’t, just add a ring to the other end of the chain for the clasp to hook to. It’s now ready to wear (or gift)!