Make This:

Gift Wrap with String and Paper

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Gift wrapping makes gift-giving more fun.  It allows the giver to do something pretty and fun to build the anticipation for the gift receiver.  Instead of storing a collection of gift wrap and ribbons for every different event, keep a simple set of wrapping supplies around that are universally appealing for any gift giving event.


Spectra Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue white 20 in. x 30 in. pack of 24
Baker’s Twine  (or string)
Single Hole Paper Punch
Craft Paper Cardstock
Pen or Markers
Gifts to be wrapped


Step 1) Prepare the Cards
Cut your card stock to the size and shape desired for the name tags.  Keep them close by when you wrap so you can mark who each gift is for right away.  Use a paper punch to attach them to your packages with a bit of string.

Step 2) Wrap the Gift in Tissue Paper
This may take a couple layers depending on the size and shape of what you are wrapping and how concerned you are with people peeking at and guessing what the gift is before unwrapping.

Step 3) Wrap the Gift in Baker’s Twine
Any string will work but I love the red and white baker’s twine for a touch of color.  To determine the length of string you need to cut, complete a light wrap of the technique below and cut your string with a little extra length for tying.


Begin by centering the package on the string.

Bring the ends of the string around the package and twist the ends around one another to create a “t” shape.

Flip the package over and tie the ends together with a square knot.

Add your name tag to the gift.  You can use the ends of the string to tie the name tag on or add the name tag with a second piece of string.

Using baker’s twine or string around your packages has an advantage when you are giving multi-piece gifts. One family member loves drinking tea and always uses honey in her tea.  We purchased a lovely bottle of honey for her as well as some rose-bud tea.  Here is how I wrapped those together.

To hold the rose-bud tea, Technoplastique made this spiral gift box.

I wrapped the jar of honey in tissue paper.  This is two pieces of tissue folded in half.

Roll it up!

Close both ends.

I placed the spiral gift box (with gift inside) atop the other part of the gift.  I wrapped the bakers twine around both packages in such a way that the knot was on top. To do this I placed the half-way point of the string over the top of the spiral box, brought the ends of the string to the bottom of the paper wrapped package, twisted the strings around each other and brought the ends back to the point where I started.  I tied a knot ensuring that everything was held tightly together.

Add the name tag and it’s ready to go!

All my gifts are ready to go.