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Knotted Fringe Necklace

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This pretty necklace knotted fringe necklace pulls together a lot of different techniques to make something really impressive. The pendant is made with square knots and double half hitches, the cords are a fishtail braid, and the careful use of jewelry findings elevates it to being a really durable, wearable necklace.


Start by adding a loop at the other end of the eye pin. Bend the wire with the round nose pliers, and try to keep it parallel to the loop that’s already there (I’m close, but a little twisted.)


Use the round nose pliers to add a loop. Click here for more on this technique.


Cut 10 pieces of the dark grey, each 16 inches/41cm long.

Cut 40 pieces of the light grey, each 9 inches/23cm long.


Make lark’s head knots with each of the 10 dark grey strands around the eye pin as shown.


Working in groups of 4 strands, make a square knot at the eye pin for each group.


Spread the 5 groups out so they’re equally spaced, and pin each in place.


On the right side, set the furthest right strand out of the way, then make a lark’s head knot with a light grey strand around the next dark grey strand.


Repeat this 3 more times, until there are 4 strands tied.


With each strand, tie a double half hitch around the dark grey strand you had previously set aside.


Push the lark’s head knots tightly together on the inner strand. Because there are fewer knots there, this will force the group to curve a bit into a nice scallop shape.

Repeat that same process on the other side.


You should have 2 nice groups of light grey fringe pieces as shown.


Place a pin at the bottom of each scallop. Place 4 more pins, half way down the height of the scallop and equally spaced between the original 5 knots. It’s not easy to describe, but the picture shows it.


Tie a square knot below each of those 4 pins. Take a look at this post on square knots and alternating square knots if you’ve never used square knots to make a mesh before.


Now tie a square knot under the scallops, using the 2 dark grey strands from the scallop, and the next to over.

Fill in 3 more equally spaced square knots, aligned with the ones at the bottom of the scallop.


Set 3 strands off the the right, coming from the square knot at the bottom of the first scallop. Tie 4 light grey strands onto the remaining strand from the square knot, using lark’s head knots, as before.


Bring the next strand over for double half hitches. Two of the dark grey strands are left to the side at this point.


Push the light grey strands into a curve again.


Repeat on the other side, setting aside 3 dark grey strands and lark’s head knotting on the 4th.

It should look like this after adding fringe on both sides.


Again, pin at the bottoms of the new scallops, and tie square knots with the dark grey threads from the scallops, and the next 2 dark grey threads next to them.

Do the same on the left, and add 2 more equally spaced square knots between the scallops.


Repeat the whole process again – set 3 strands aside, add fringe on the 4th, add a row of double half hitch, push into a curve, and pin in place.

Add square knots at the bottom of the 2 scallops, and add 1 more centered between.

One more set of scallops.


Only 2 square knots this time – both at the bottom of scallops.


Add ONE MORE SET of scallops. That’s it, you’re done with fringe. I know, it was a whole lot of strands, but that’s what we do for fashion.


Add one more square knot to hold it all together. A drop of fray check would probably be a good idea here, too.

This was mine when I unpinned it. The fringe was not setting how I wanted it to.


So I got the whole thing wet, and arranged it how I wanted on a sheet of paper towel to dry. I didn’t use a nice towel because sometimes crochet thread will leak a little dye when it gets wet. Trim the ends of the fringe once the piece has dried.


For the necklace strands, I used fishtail braids I wanted each to be about 8 inches/20cm long.


The pieces need to be doubled so that they can be folded in half, and according to the fishtail braids post your strands should be 30% longer than the finished braid, plus enough to hold onto while braiding.


So that’s 16 inches + 30% (type 16, or your length, x 1.3 in a calculator), plus a few inches for holding onto at the ends.

Or that’s 40cm + 30% (type 40, or your length, x 1.3 in a calculator), plus at least 6 or 8 cm for holding onto at the ends.


I cut my strands 26 inches long. I should have cut them a bit longer, I would do 30 if I was making this again.


Cut 4 strands of each color to make the 2 necklace cords. Tie 4 of them in a lark’s head knot around a jump ring. Pin it down and add a drop of fray check if you like, to help hold the strands in place.


Arrange the strands as shown.


Braid according to the fishtail braid tutorial until the strand is long enough.

Use a little fray check or clear glue to hold the ends of the braids together.

Use a fold over clamp to secure the end of the braid. Place the braid in the clamp, and add a dot of glue if you’d like.


Neatly fold down one side of the clamp with your pliers.


Then fold the other side.


It should look about like this. Trim the tails of close to the end of the clamp with your sharp scissors.


Attach the clasp at the clamp end of the necklace cords, then use jump rings to link the cord to the pendant.