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Leather Shoulder Bag Part 3

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This is the 3 part in the series on how to create a leather shoulder bag. Click here if you missed Part 2 from yesterday and Part 1 from the day before that.


When we left yesterday, the fabric side panels had been sewn in place between the shell frame and the lining along the frame edge of the leather pieces.


Attaching the Strap:
The stitching marks on the ends of the bag strap correlate with stitching lines on the top edge of the bag side panels.  For security, I position the strap so it will pass through two lines of stitching – one at the top of frame, the other at the top edge of the bag.  Insert the bag strap between the fashion fabric and the lining.  Center the strap and sew along the top edge of the frame through all layers of fabric and leather.


Don’t worry about the top edge just yet- that will be sewn at the end.


Construct the Bag Flap:
The flap may be the easiest part to construct on the whole bag!  There is a piece of fabric for extra support between the bag and flap that should be placed half exposed at the end of the flap that will attach to the bag. Place that fabric between the fashion fabric and the lining so it will be sewn in place when you stitch the frame edge of the flap.
– Sew all layers together along the frame edge.
– Sew the outside edge of the flap on the 3 sides that will not attach to the bag.
– Sew the buckle supports and bag handle in place using the stitch marks for alignment.

Sew the buckle supports to the front of the bag:

Final Construction:
Position the bag flap in place with the fabric support between the fashion fabric and lining.  On the back (where you have inserted the bag flap), sew along the top edge of the frame securing the frame, fashion fabric, flap support, and lining.


Now, the finishing touches of the bag:  Sew around the top edge.