Project Presentations for Craftsman Tools

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The authors on How Did You Make This are avid makers of all sorts of things.  We are both active on (See Technoplastique | Kris’s profile, and Antibromide | Carly’s profile) and through that site had the opportunity to work with Craftsman to present projects for the Craftsman Youtube channel.  Here are the videos that the Craftsman production team created for our projects.


Kris | Technoplastique – Hidden Treasure Box

Carly | Antibromide – Travel Bar

Both authors work on projects outside this blog.  If you want to get to know us better here are a few places to find us:


Kris –
Technoplastique’s Portfolio
Technoplastique’s Instrustructables Profile

Carly –
Antibromide’s Portfolio and Blog
Antibromide’s Instructables Profile

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