Special Website Announcement!

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Hey everyone! You’ve undoubtedly noticed that things have been slow around here. The biggest reason for that is that I’ve been busy with moving the website from our current server onto a new one. Super exciting, super scary.


I have most of the preparation done, so over the next couple weeks the real move will happen. The site might be unaccessible, slow, or just plain weird at times, but don’t worry, things will be back to normal in no time!


Why I’m excited about this (and you should be, too) is:


– faster website loading speeds
– easier site updating (which means we’ll spend less time writing about projects and more time making new projects)
– some new features right away
– more new features in the future (when they’ll be so much easier for me to build!)


All your bookmarks and links should continue to work as usual. The RSS feed should, too, but if you don’t seen anything in your feeds for a while give it a double check – that’s the glitchiest thing I’ve been working on so far.


Thank you SO MUCH for your patience, and I look forward to our better future!




P.S. – Don’t forget about the new Skillshare class – we already have a bunch of students signed up so it should be lots of fun!