Starting Braids With Very Small Knots

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A very sweet reader named Becky emailed us to ask about the small knots I used to start my braids that you can see in the Summer Camp Bracelet Tutorial. This tutorial explains how to do it. They can be used on any braid or knotted project you might be starting!

(The light blue/dark blue braid doesn’t count because I was trying something different – it didn’t work as well!)

You have to be starting your project with strands folded in half for this method to work. Cut all your strands, separate them into 2 equal (or as close as possible to equal) groups and fold each group in half. The strands that are on the right now will be on the right at the end and vice versa.

Set the loop on the right over the loop on the left.

Bring the tails from the right up through the loop on the left.

Even up the cut ends of each group and start pulling.

Keep pulling and it will tighten down to this knot.

Pin it in the center to start braiding or knotting. Try to pin between the strands and not through them for the neatest finish. I use two pins at different angles to help keep things secure.

Pull all the strands down and start your project. The knot will hold permanently when you pull the pins out later!