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Summer Camp Bracelet

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Bind together a bunch of braids for a pretty summer accessory.

Supplies and Equipment:
– a handful of braids
– scrap leather – lighter weight is better
– a utility knife and appropriate cutting surface
– clasp and jump rings
E6000 Jewelry Adhesive or similar adhesive
– leather hole punch (you can probably get away with using a heavy needle on this project if you’re not ready to invest in this yet)


This project is a mashup of some previous tutorials. The end caps are from the Add a Clasp to a Friendship Bracelet project, and the braids are Fishtail Version 1 and Fishtail Version 2, but you could easily use any kind of braid(s) you want. You could also skip over the whole braiding thing and use store bought trims instead!


You more or less follow the Add a Clasp to a Friendship Bracelet tutorial, with a few changes that I’ve written about below.

Line up the braids you’re using on a ruler and determine a width for your end caps. Add a bit (1/16th to 1/8th of an inch) of extra width because my braids spread a bit when I glued them down and you can always trim the leather later if you have to.

Glue the braids into place – lined up the half way fold on the end cap, then let the glue set up a bit before adding glue to the other side and closing the end cap.

At the other end decide if you want all of your braids in line, or if you want them to cross or twist. Glue this end down on one side – keeping the strands equal length or not, whatever you prefer.

When the glue is set up trim the tails and glue this end cap closed.

That’s all! Make an easy modification to the Add a Clasp to a Friendship Bracelet tutorial and you’ve got a great use for a bunch of braids and an easy going bracelet.