Tile Knitting Stitch

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Tile knitting stitch is a beautiful mesh style stitch to add to your knitting pattern list. It’s moderately open, which makes it ideal for summery coverups, or warm winter sweaters that you don’t want to be too warm. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have a strong diagonal pull, like so many open mesh knits tend to. It’s fun to knit, too, it only has 4 rows to learn, but it’s really 2 rows that are offset by 1 stitch.




multiple of 2 plus 1

Row 1: k1, * yo, k2*

Row 2: p1, *p3, pass third stitch just purled over the other 2 just purled*

Row 3: *k2, yo*, k1

Row 4: *p3, pass third stitch just purled over the other 2 just purled*, p1


yo: yarn over

k: knit

p: purl



If you’re new to knitting, or very experienced and just want to double check, I’ve included photos of how I did my yarn overs and pass purl stitches over to make this swatch.


Yarn Over

To do a yarn over, just wrap the yarn around the needle as shown and keep knitting.


Pass Purl Stitch Over

After each group of 3 purl stitches, reach back to the furthest from where you’re working now. Slide the needle into that stitch. If you’re finding this tricky, which is especially likely with not-very-elastic yarn like I’m using, try pressing your thumb on the 3 stitches you just purled, and grabbing this stitch on the other (front) side of the work.


Lift that third purled stitch up over the closer two, and over the end of the needle.


Let that stitch drop off your needle, then purl 3 stitches and do it again.


That’s all there is to it, it’s pretty easy once you’ve worked out the method.


This is what it looked like un-blocked. Pretty good, but blocking really brings out the nice triangular eyelets.