Two Color Diagonal Braid

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This super simple two color diagonal braid is handy for jewelry projects, and it could make a beautiful trim sewn down around the edge of some embroidery or a garment.

Cut two center strands that are a bit longer than the finished length, so you have a little to work with for tying knots and finishing. For the long strands, cut 1 of each color, 5 times the finished length, plus at least 4 inches/10cm extra to work with.

Cut your strands and tie them together, with the short strands at the center and the long ones at the outer sides.


With the strand on the left, make an ‘s’ shape as shown.


Cross the strand on the right to the left.


Bring it below the bottom of the ‘s’, under the center strands, and through the loop on the right.


Carefully tighten this knot, making sure the balance the two strands.


Do the same thing again – make an ‘s’ with the strand on the left.


Bring the strand on the right across, under, and through.


That’s all, just repeat it until you reach the desired length!


You can make the braid thicker or thinner by varying how many strands are in the center. You can also make an opposite version of it (handy when you want a symmetrical pair of braids) by just switching the way you work the braid. If you click on ‘Image Flip’ at the top or bottom of the post, you can flip the images horizontally to make it easier.

The braid does have a little tendency to twist, so if flatness is essential for you, you should do a sample before working on your full sized project.


The back side of the braid has horizontal bands instead of diagonal ones, which may also be useful.