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Two Tone Wood Bangle Bracelet

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This simple project yields a sophisticated and understated bangle. Wood veneer is available in a wide range of beautiful grains, and can be easily cut with a sharp exacto or utility knife.


– wood bangle – this one is a 1/4 inch wide flat bangle from
– wood veneer sheet – I used sapele, be sure that your veneer doesn’t have a paper backing!
– wood glue
– wood finish (optional) – I used a clear polyurethane, this will help protect the bracelet from moisture
– a few small spring clamps
– ruler/straightedge
– utility or exacto knife and cutting mat
– sandpaper – about 220 grit – you don’t really need this, but when I make things with wood I always sand them lightly


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Use a knife and straightedge to cut a strip of veneer long enough to wrap around the bracelet. I made mine slightly narrower than the width of the bracelet. Use several shallow cuts to go through the veneer.

Glue one end of the veneer to the bracelet, clamp until the glue sets.

Be sure to use a small amount of glue so it doesn’t ooze out, and wipe off any wayward glue immediately.

Wrap the rest of the strip around the bracelet (without gluing) and trim it to fit exactly. (It doesn’t look like it in this picture, but it had a perfect fit when it was pressed flat!)

Glue the strip in place, and clip it in place until the glue sets.

Lightly sand at this point (I went over the inside edges a bit though it really didn’t need it.) Apply a light clear finish over for protection from water!