Fishtail Braid – Version 2

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The method for making this braid is exactly the same as Version 1, apart from the initial strand arrangement.


This braid uses 8 strands  – 4 each of two colors. This example was made with standard embroidery floss. Cut your strands 30% longer than your intended finished braid length if you’re using embroidery floss, other materials may require different amounts.


Start your braid by arranging your strands with 2 of one color on the left, 4 of the other color in the center, and 2 of the first color on the right (the way the strands are shown at the bottom left of the diagram.) Move the strand that is farthest right to the inside left; then move the strand that is farthest left to the inside right. Repeat this until your braid is the desired length.