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Glass Head Sewing Pins

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Sewing pins with glass heads are practical – that larger pin head makes it easier to pick up and keep track of. Most of the pins like this I see in stores are available in one very specific range of bright primary colors or pearly plastic pink hearts, neither of which is really to my taste. Historically, sewing pins were made with all kinds of delicate decorations including little hand painted metal animals and flowers. I made these with a selection of glass pearls and pressed glass beads. They aren’t much work, make sewing more fun, and would be a very sweet gift for someone who’s handy with a needle and thread.



– straight pins – in most occasions you’ll want the longest pins you can find
– glass beads – in most occasions, you’ll want some pretty small beads
– jeweler’s cement or super glue


These beads are glass pearls, metal beads that are variable called “star dust” and “gold dust” and some Czech pressed glass beads. Most real pearls are likely to have holes that are too small to fit on the pins.


As you’ve probably gathered, the assembly is dead simple. Slide a bead onto a pin most of the way up, add a drop of glue to the pin, slide the bead the rest of the way. You’ll need to hold it for a few minutes to set up, or rig something upside down to stick it into so that gravity keeps the bead in place.