Make This:

Spiral Gift Box

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This pretty box with it’s architectural lines and swirled, star like top is a great way to package jewelry, cookies, or anything other small gift that would benefit from a fancy presentation. The box looks complicated, but once you understand how the folds work they come together quickly.


It’s better to use a good quality paper than a cardstock – cardstock can be too bulky. I used Fox River’s Crushed Leaf Sparkles in the color Poppy.  It’s a strong, crisp paper that’s still lightweight and has just a little shimmer.  It seems to be discontinued (though there are online sellers who still have stock), but I’m sure most of the papers Neenah makes would be great, as well as most scrapbooking paper. The front and back of the paper show on the top of the box, so keep that in mind when you’re selecting your materials.


The process is simple enough, but you might want to test on scrap paper.

Print the template onto the back of your paper. Click Here For Template! For best results make sure it prints at 100%.

Cut out the circle.

Using a bone folder or something similarly pointed but not sharp with a ruler, score the fold lines.

Both of the octagons and the lines that run straight through the corners of the octagons are valley folds (meaning they fold forward.) If you’ve scored the lines well it should be fairly easy to fold the paper.

The few remaining lines are mountain folds (meaning they fold backward.)

Once you have everything folded in the right direction you’re ready to start twisting the box closed. Work your way around the box, settling each of the folds into place.  Once you’ve worked all the way around, they box should be ready to fold closed on it’s own. Be patient and gentle with the paper until you get a feel for it – after making your first box it should be easier.

That’s it!  Make a bunch, fill them up and have a great holiday!


Click Here To Download The Template!