Applying Wood Veneer to Paper

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Wood veneer can add a special touch to paper projects – no one expects to see real wood on envelopes, cards, invitations or place cards. Almost everyone gives or receives a card once in a while, and there’s a good chance that you like to add your own special spin to things, especially considering the blog you’re reading. Veneers can be cut with utility knives or scissors and glue to paper well. This technique is a great way to use up scraps from things like the facetted wood light shades that we featured previously.

– wood veneer
– paper product (I’m using an envelope but if it’s made of paper it’s fair game!)
– wood glue
– scissors, utility knife, etc
– waxed paper (maybe)


Wood veneer is sold at hardware/home improvement stores and art stores. It is very thin real wood. Be sure not to buy the paper backed kind, just thin sheets of wood. The variety of wood species will give you a wide range of colors to work with, and you can apply wood stains to sheets of it as well.

Cut your pieces of wood to suit your design. I had some left over strips so I used those, but you can cut almost any shape.


Wood glue sticks very well to wood and paper (which is really just mushed up wood.) It is not clear and will dry slightly yellow, so it is important to only use a very small amount.

You may want to weigh down the wood for a few minutes as it dries, especially if you are applying large pieces. The glue will be set in about 15 minutes unless your paper has a glossy coating on it.


Once the glue was set I just trimmed the overhang with a pair of scissors.

Large sheets of wood will make paper very rigid so keep that in mind when planning your design. I think it adds a really special effect to this envelope, and would be a great way to frame up the name of the recipient. Large thin strips of wood like this might have a rough time going through postal delivery, but small pieces should make it without incident!