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Beaded Bracelet – Part 2

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This is Part 2 of making a beaded bracelet, and covers how to add a clasp to peyote style beadwork.


You can skip the clasp all together and make an endless loop like the ring project, but a bracelet like that might be looser than you would like it to be. Adding a clasp this way is a nice way resolve that.



– beadwork (the result of Part 1 is shown here)

– 2 jump rings (optional, but they reduce stress on the thread)

– clasp

Work to the point that you’re ready to add a clasp.

Work your way down through the existing beads so the needle comes out near the center. You’ll want your loop to cover about 5 rows. (You can make the loop a different size if you want a different look!)

String on your beads, and a jump ring. The process is the same on both ends – one end has a clasp on the jump ring, the other doesn’t.

Run the needle through the remaining beads to get to the edge of the piece.

Turn around at the edge and work back.

Go back through the loop of beads.

Work through some beads, but this time don’t go all the way to the edge. The idea is to go through the loop that supports the clasp as many times as possible, while distributing the stress across the strip of beadwork.

Work back and forth, going through the loop for the clasp as many times as you can, then work the thread into the beadwork to end it. Trim any threads.


At the other end tie on a new thread, add enough rows to get the bracelet to the length you want, then repeat this process. A securely anchored clasp will keep your bracelet looking good for a long time.


If you would like the bracelet to be adjustable (if you’re making it as a gift, for example) it’s easy to do. Replace the single jump ring with a short piece of chain the the clasp can hook into. That way, the person wearing it can hook it into the chain link that is the most comfortable for them!