Make This:

Multi-Strand Bracelet or Necklace

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Jewelry made from many strands of small beads can be very striking. It’s a great use for those seed beads that are a beautiful color and/or texture but not consistent enough to use for a grided beadwork stitch. This could also be made from other small beads – think seed pearls, small semiprecious gemstones or little pressed glass shapes.

– bead tips
– beading needle and thread
– seed beads or other small beads (anything up to 4mm or so)
– jump rings and clasp
– needle nose pliers
– jeweler’s cement/superglue/clear nail polish/E6000
– sharp scissors

Measure the wrist or neck you want this on and decide on a finished length (that could mean 7 inches for a 6.5 inch wrist or 26 inches for a 14 inch neck.) Subtract from that the length of the clasp and a jump ring, then make bead strands to that length. Use the Bead Tip Tutorial for how to finish the strands.


If you are making a bracelet you’ll probably want all your strands the same length. If you are making a necklace you may want them all the same length or you may want to vary them – it’s a design choice.

Finish all of your strands (how many is up to you) and lay them out in the order you want them in.

Link through all of them with a jump ring at one end.

Add another jump ring opposite the strands. This is where you’ll hook your clasp and it will help to prevent the strands from tangling later.

Make sure the strands are untangled or artfully tangled. Put a jump ring through the other end of the strands and add a clasp.

Keeping the bracelet or necklace clasped when you’re not wearing it is the best way to keep the strands where you want them!