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Beaded Lace Candle Holder

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Use a little hand beaded lace to add some extra sparkle to your candle holders. The pattern is easy to adjust for varying sizes of candle holders. (I’ve included an outtake of this project at the bottom of the post.)

– seed beads – these are size 11 in a metallic silver
– beading needle and thread
– glass candle holder – this pattern makes lace that’s about 1 inch tall, but it’s easy enough to adjust to a different size once you know how it’s made

This diagram shows the pattern. Start with a doubled thread (unless you thread is very thick) and add a friction knot near the end. It’s just a matter of counting/stringing the beads as shown in the diagram and photos below, they tell most of the story.

When the strip of lace is just long enough to fit around the candle holder bring the ends together and sew them up, keeping the pattern consistent. I tied the beginning thread together with the tail, then wove both ends into the beadwork and trimmed the tails.

Slip it onto the candle holder and you’re ready to go. Feel free to glue it in place if you’d like.

As always, use extraordinary caution with candles as you can easily burn down everything you love. LED candles are a safer alternative. If the lace isn’t glued on (I haven’t glued this on) keep in mind that it isn’t a safe way to move lit candles/hot wax/hot glass/etc.

And, for your amusement, my first attempt at this project. I tried building the lace from the bottom up instead of around it, but the beads were having none of that. It turned out so completely wrong that I showed it to Carly (the other editor) just to watch her try to say something nice about it!