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Knotted Chevron Necklace – Version 2

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A second version of the knotted chevron necklace – making use of the same basic knot but in a slightly different arrangement to create a completely different stripe pattern!

This necklace is made with double half hitch knots. Most friendship bracelets are made with just half hitches – be sure to look over this diagram carefully. A double half hitch is a simple knot that’s great for building up larger pieces quickly!


You can see a variation of this project by clicking here!


Supplies and Equipment:

– straight pins
– sharp scissors
– cork or other pinnable surface
– 4 skeins of embroidery floss
– needle with a large eye
– large jump rings
– chain
– jewelry making tools


I used 4 standard DMC floss skeins – 2 skeins of 738, and one each of 3811 and 3808.


Start out by cutting each skein into 4 equal pieces – half, then half again.


Fold one strand in half and pin it down at the half way point. Half of the strand should go to your right, the other half you’ll be knotting over it.

Tie a double half hitch knot, being careful to keep the center of the strand at the pin. If you have trouble just untie it and try again!

Tighten the knot into position.

Find the half way point on the next strand. Tie it with a double half hitch.

Put a pin into your board, loop the other half of the strand around it, then tie a double half hitch with that side. Be careful not to leave a loop where the pin is or you’ll have a loop on the edge of your finished piece.

Repeat this process with all of the remaining strands. To duplicate my piece you’ll need 5 tan, 2 light blue, 4 medium blue, 2 light blue and 3 tan.

Take the farthest left strand and lay it across all the other strands. Make a double half hitch over this strand with each of the remaining strands, except for the first one (the one that everything has been knotted over so far.) Do not allow the strand you’ve knotted over to rejoin the vertical strands at the right side – just leave it out of the way and stop using it.

Continue working this way – farthest left strand laid across, knot over it – until you’ve done this with all of the strands (the last one will just be left hanging vertically.)

Now repeat that process, but this time it’s the top strand (farthest right if you’ve turned your work.) Do the same thing, working all the way across.

Same process again, right to left. You’ll do it one more time, top to bottom (left to right if you turn the work.)


When you’ve worked this pattern all four times you’ll have a bunch of fringe on the left side of the chevron. Flip the piece over and work that in with the needle (making sure to weave into a neighboring row so you don’t accidentally undo any knots) and trim the tails.

Work the jump rings through near the top corners and attach your chain!