Calm Seas Knitting Pattern

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This lace pattern is a series of wave like curves with eyelet rows between and it’s knit on the bias. It’s a nice pattern for someone with a moderate level of experience and makes a fantastic warmer weather scarf.

The biggest consideration with this pattern is that the it really knits into an almost perfect 45 degree bias. If you’re thinking of using it for a sweater or other garment you’ll need to swatch it and make accommodations, there’s no “I can block out that angle when it’s finished” here! On the other hand, it makes an interesting scarf because of the angled ends. Most knitting patterns with a scalloped motif have a line of symmetry at the center of the repeat, so you add stitches on the outside edge and reduce them at the center (similar to chevron knitting but usually with a less dramatic effect.) In this case you add stitches at one side of the repeat and reduce them at the other.

You will definitely want to block the finished work. Mine rolled up a lot at the edges while I was working, but the most basic of ‘get it wet and lay it flat to dry’ snapped it into shape.


This piece is knit in size 10 white crochet cotton with size 4 US / 3.5mm needles. After knitting I over dyed it.


If you’ve never used a HDYMT pattern, the download includes a grid for tracking your place. (If it doesn’t make sense or you don’t like it, ignore it and focus on the pattern!) This is how it works:

What are you waiting for? Download the pattern for free right now!