Make This:

Horse Race Bracelet

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Make the perfect bracelet for a day at the races with the help of some vintage clip art!

Supplies and Equipment:

– faceted bangle – this pentagon bangle is from
– photocopied clip art, at least 6 copies – this is from a Dover Clip Art book
– clear acrylic medium – I’m using Liquitex Gloss Medium because they’re my favorite, but other brands should work, too. Do a small test before committing to a large project.
– rubber cement
– paint brush
– glass – I’m using a cheap frame so I don’t cut myself on the edges, glass is sharp!
– water
– water based paint

Base coat the bracelet with the water based paint.

Make image transfers with the clear gloss medium – a detailed tutorial on that can be found here! Make the transfers as thin as you feel comfortable with – this will help them blend in on the bracelet. I made an extra in case one didn’t come out well.

Reverse paint the transfers, if that suits your design. My paper didn’t come off of my transfers perfectly, so I trimmed them down with scissors so that the white paper edge was gone.

Use more gloss medium to stick the transfers in place on the bracelet. Give the oval areas a couple more coats of gloss medium to blend in the edges of the transfers. I added a coat of matte medium to my bracelet so it was less shiny. That’s all!