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Knotted Chevron Headband

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If you’ve stacked as many bracelets on to your wrists as you can possibly fit but aren’t ready to stop knotting yet this headband is for you. It really is just an extra long friendship bracelet modified to sit neatly atop your head. I chose sunny sherbet colors with grey overtones but if you’ve ever looked at a display of embroidery floss you know that the beautiful potential combinations go on for days.

– embroidery floss (6 colors/12 strands fit my 1/2 inch wide headband)
– narrow satin ribbon – 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide is perfect
– E6000 or similar glue that sticks to plastic
– 1/2 inch wide headband or your preference
– matched sewing thread and needle – optional – in case you want to sew the knotted piece to the headband for extra stability


My head doesn’t accommodate headbands that tie or elastic into place – I end up spending the whole day readjusting them – so I use plastic. If you like a different style I’m sure you can modify this to suit your preference.

Start by making your extra long friendship bracelet.


I used 6 strands that are each 10 feet long, folded in half to be 5 feet long, but if your headband is wider your strands may been to be longer.


Tie a removable knot to hold the strands together and work the Classic Chevron Friendship Bracelet (or a pattern of your choice) until the strip is about 1.5 inches shorter than the length of the headband.

When you’re finished, untie the knot.

Put a dot of glue on the back of the headband, then start wrapping the ribbon over the headband. Make sure that you overlap the ribbon on the front and back, and that if your satin ribbon is only single-face that the good side is out. Let this set up for a few minutes before continuing.

Trim the tails off of one end of the knotted strip, and glue it down. Again, let it set up for a few minutes.

Put some glue on the back and wrap the ribbon around the knotted strip until you’ve covered everything imperfect.

Then continue gluing and wrapping, but behind the knotted strip instead of over it.

Stop gluing and wrapping when you’re the same distance from this end as you were from the other for gluing down the knotted strip.

Trim the tails on this end and glue the whole length of super long bracelet down, all the way to the end. You’ll probably have to stretch it a little to fit, and which is good. (Only glue the end if you would prefer to stitch across the back to secure the knotted piece.)

Keep gluing on the back and wrap over the end of the strip until you reach the end of the headband, neatly gluing the end of the ribbon on the back.


At this point, if you only glued the end, you can stitch back and forth across the back, catching the edges of the knotted piece and pulling it tightly into place. This is a good choice of the strip has very inconsistent edges.