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Knotted Chevron Necklace – Version 1

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Make a bold statement necklace with one simple knot – the same knot that you use to make friendship bracelets.

This necklace is made with double half hitch knots. Most friendship bracelets are made with just half hitches – be sure to look over this diagram carefully. A double half hitch is a simple knot that’s great for building up larger pieces quickly!


Supplies and Equipment:

– straight pins
– sharp scissors
– cork or other pinnable surface
– 4 skeins of embroidery floss
– needle with a large eye
– large jump rings
– chain
– jewelry making tools


I used 4 standard DMC floss skeins – 2 skeins of 823, and one each of 931 and 415.


Start out by cutting each skein into 8 equal pieces – half, then half, then half again.


Fold one in half, and pin it down as shown in the photos. Knot each additional strand into place following the diagram and photos below, ensuring that the center of the strand is at the center of the knot, so you have an equal tail on each side.


It took me a few tries with this knot to get it right and centered.Just keep knotting then taking it apart if it’s not right – you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

The order is 15 strands of dark, 4 medium, 8 light, and 4 medium. Experiment with other patterns – all kinds of stripes would be pretty on this necklace!


Tie the two carrier strands together at the top.


The diagrams below are not accurate to the strands/colors in the photo, fewer strands are show for convenience.

Bring the lower most strand up, that’s the strand you’ll be knotting around.

Make a double half hitch knot with each remaining strand over the strand you just laid across the work. It might be easier to knot if you turn so the threads you are working are hanging down – this is a personal preference.

When you’ve knotted all the way up the first strand, allow it to join the other strands at the top of the piece. Continue bringing up the lowermost strand, knotting over it, and adding it to the strands at the top until the strands are too short to work with.

Repeat the whole thing on the other side.

At this point you may choose to leave the fringe on either side (probably with a bit of a trim to neaten it up and a line of fray check on the back to keep it from working loose) or work the left over strands into the back of the piece as I did.


I know, it’s a totally different piece, but this is how to work in your threads – flip it over, thread the needle onto one strand, then weave the tails in, being careful not to undo the last knot you made. I worked this tail into the back of the neighboring row to prevent taking apart a knot. Trim the tails when all of the strands have been worked in!

Work a jump ring through near the point on each side and hang the chevron from the chain!


You could also sew this piece onto a bag as decoration.