Reverse Painted Transfers

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Once you’ve made a transfer (using the technique I posted recently) you can reverse paint it for custom coloring. It’s a great way to create a custom vintage look, or simply to add some color.

It’s so simple it barely warrants explanation.


Supplies and Equipment:

– acrylic paint (others might work, but acrylic is most compatible)
– acrylic gloss medium
– brushes, pallet knives, toothpicks, other paint applicators of choice.

Flip the transfer over so that the side that was paper covered is up.


Carefully apply your desired colors to this side, being careful not to paint outside of the lines (for a vintage printing/tinted look) or being careful to paint outside of the lines if you’re into that kind of thing.


Once your paint is dry give it a coat of clear acrylic medium to seal it up!

I used a toothpick to fill in the super tiny details!