Scalloped Whole Stitch Lace

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This pattern is another grid variation on the basic Whole Stitch Lace that was posted earlier. In this version, the grid is manipulated to make a scallop design – perfect for pretty trimming. Once you know how Whole Stitch Bobbin Lace works this is actually very easy to make!

scalloped whole stitch lace



– 12 pairs of bobbins, ready to go (I used 1 yard each end of #30 white crochet thread)
– printed pattern
– pins
– cork



Click here to download the black and white pattern.

Click here to download the color coded pattern.

Full details about how to set up your bobbin, what supplies to use, etc., are here.

Basic Straight Whole Stitch Lace tutorial is here.


This starts exactly the same way the straight whole stitch lace does. The biggest difference between the two is that the grid is manipulated. Work it on the diagonal and you should be okay, but there are a few places where the diagonal can get a little confusing. To help with that I’ve included a color version of the pattern with the diagonals in different colors. You can use that version if you’d like, or use the black and white. Here’s a reference image for the diagonals:

Don’t start at the ends of the lines, start at the first cross point. This is an accommodation to make the pattern infinitely repeatable.

Add a couple pairs of bobbins, make sure to give everything the right over left twist.

Start making whole stitches…

… and adding more pairs.

When all the pairs have been started you’ll need to address the right side picots.

Add a pin to loop that far right pair around.

Continue working the pattern.

At this point you need to make one other change as compared to using this stitch straight. At this narrowest point of the lace the pin for the picot needs to go on the other side of that pair. The strands need to be left of where they are now, so the pin needs to hold them there.

Then continue working as normal.

Tie it off when you’re done.

This view shows the lace worked across two cork tiles, edges still pinned down.

scalloped whole stitch lace

Finish it as desired. This pattern could also be pieced with the straight lace grid to make a large sheet of netted lace with a scalloped edge.