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Seashell Earrings

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This is one of the simplest and highest reward-for-effort projects I’ve ever posted. They would be beautiful as gifts, favors, or just something to keep a half dozen pairs of for wearing around.



Supplies and Equipment:
– tiny seashells – I picked up a big bag at a craft store, check with the ‘vase fillers’ if you’re having trouble tracking them down
– earstuds and earring backs – use surgical steel or sterling if you’re worried about allergies, 4 or 5mm pads for medium shells, 3mm for the tiniest shells
G-S Hypo Cement or superglue


My bag of shells probably has enough for hundreds of pairs of earrings. Sort through yours until you find pairs you like. You can usually find symmetrical pairs of clam style shells but spirals are almost always right-handed so you’ll have less luck with symmetry on those!


If your shells are flat like these you can lay them flat, add a drop of the cement and drop the ear stud into the glue. If they’re not flat you can hold them while gluing (you’ll have to keep holding for a few minutes while the glue sets) or you can settle them into a bed of sand so the back is flat for gluing. The sand method is nice if you’re making a lot of them.


That’s it! Wait for the glue to be totally dry (24 hours) and then wear them!