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Stab Bound Notebooks

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I find myself writing things down for people all the time – web addresses, directions, the name of a glue, the name of a bar, etc. I always carry my Moleskine with me but there’s no way I’m going to tear pages out of that! These notebooks are a great alternative – they sew up fast, they’re the same size as a business/calling card, and the pages stay in place better than in a spiral notebook but they tear out easily when you need them to.

Supplies and Equipment:

– paper – one sheet of paper is enough pages for one notebook
– cardstock/heavy paper – one sheet is enough to cover 6 notebooks
– ruler – clear is easier to work with
– very sharp blade
– string – this is 2 ply nylon cord
– needle
– drill/dremel with small bit OR sharp needle OR tiny hole punch

Cut the paper into 2 inch strips the long way. Being careful with your precision will pay off in the final product.

Cut each strip into 3.5 inch long pieces.


Pro Tip: I discovered through an unplanned experiment that the scraps from this make great confetti!

Now make some holes to sew through. I stacked all of my pieces with covers around each color so that when they holes were drilled I could just separate it into sections to sew. However you make your holes you’ll need three of them 1/4 inch from the edge and 1/2 inch apart.

Stacked, clamped, and drilled. You could make a lot of notebooks really fast this way. Party favors anyone?

Put the needle on the end of your string (no need to cut it from the spool yet.) Stab through the center hole.

Stitch up through an end hole.

Stitch through the end hole again.

And one more time.

Stitch through the center hole.

Repeat the stitch pattern in the other end hole. Stitch through he center. Adjust the thread so you have the desired amount of tail for one of the finishing options.

Tie the ends together with an overhand knot, then tie another overhand knot a bit further away. This is great if you want to hang the notebook on something. OR…

Tie the ends together with square knot at the back, then trim the tails.

Make a bunch and stash them in all your pockets/bags/purses/glove compartments/etc so you’re never without something to write on again!