Marble & Gold

Marble & Gold

What I wore:

– Dress – painted marble using my Faux Marble Fabric Tutorial (I’ll post more pictures of it, I promise)

– Clutch – made using my Sequin Clutch Tutorial – I need to made some other bags because I carry this one all the time

– Ring – made using my Beaded Crystal Ring Tutorial

Nail Polish – Th-Ink Outside The Box by Finger Paints

This look is from about a week ago, Carly and I went out for some live music/fun/trouble.


That nail polish. I originally fell in love with a polish at Sephora – Meteoric by Formula X, but I didn’t buy it right away because I wanted to be sure for sure that I would really wear it. I’ve moved after less than a year three times in a row now, that kind of lifestyle really kills the fun of stashing lots of stuff. As you’ve probably guessed, when I finally had an outfit in mind my Sephora didn’t have that color anymore, but I got lucky with a really similar polish at Sally. The Finger Paints version chipped off pretty quickly, but that’s probably because of the cheap/antique base coat I used. Because I didn’t have a color under it I just touched it up for a few days before letting it all fall off. I love the look of it, so the chipping was worth it.