Make This:

Envelope Portfolio

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This is a really versatile and simple way to keep a group of papers collected. It could be used to collect or gift a stack of hand pulled prints or favorite recipe cards (like I chose.) You could also use it to dress up business cards, receipts or coupons for yourself. It can be expanded almost infinitely.

Supplies and Equipment:
– envelopes – these are Astrobright A-2 but a huge variety of envelopes could work here (including this template!)
– YES paste or other paper friendly glue + brush
– ribbon for ties
– waxed paper


This project will work best with an even number of envelopes, and you can use as many envelopes as you want.

First, glue your envelopes into pairs, overlapped as shown (but with the envelope on top pushed all the way in to where the flap on the bottom envelope folds.)

Brush glue over the whole flap of the lower envelope, using waxed paper to protect your work surface. Stick the flap to the other envelope. You may want to set this under something heavy for a few minutes to set up.

When all of the pairs are set, fold the flap back on all but one pair.

Glue that flap to another pair. Continue until all of the pairs are connected with the envelope you didn’t re-fold at the end of the row.

Fold the whole thing closed. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the portfolio and tie.


Glue that ribbon on the envelope you want to be the back. Make sure the center of the ribbon is at the edge of the envelope so you can easily tie the ribbon at the other side. Also make sure you only glue the ribbon to one envelope.


When you close it, be sure to fold the last flap over just that envelope, not the whole portfolio.


That’s all! Fill the envelopes and tie it closed!