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Feather Brooch

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I have put together a photo tutorial for making a very pretty feather brooch (or fascinator, applique, accoutrement, or hair clip).

The supplies you need for this project are:
-A pretty charm or button for the center
-A couple yards of ribbon
-A feather pad
-Something for backing (I used broadcloth but a woven interfacing or buckram would also work)
-Something to attach this item to another item (I used a bar pin but other options could be a post pin, headband or hair clip.


Also, a needle, thread, and pinking shears (or sewing shears) will help you get the job done.

Using the charm to determine the scale, decide how large you want your ribbon medallion to be. Cut a square for the backing to the same size as you want the finished medallion. Cut the ribbon pieces, fold them in half and lay them in a circle to create the medallion. Sew them in place. I added a second layer of ribbon pieces to sit just behind the charm. Attach the charm, do any extra sewing to make sure the ribbon pieces are properly secured and trim down the backing fabric. Sew the feather pad to the back of the medallion being cautious that none of the stitches show on the front. Since I wanted this as a brooch, I attached a bar pin but this sort of item would work as a hair fascinator or hair clip also.


That’s it!