Lacquered Lace

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Lacquering lace is a technique that changes sheet or roll lace from soft and drapey into something more structural. You can use lacquered lace in jewelry and apparel, especially formal clothing.

– lace
– waxed paper or very clean glass
– soft paint brush
– clear acrylic gloss medium for jewelry, clear fabric medium for apparel

Lay the lace out over the waxed paper or glass. Don’t pour the medium directly onto the fabric, pour it off to the side and brush it on.

Carefully apply a coat of medium over the lace. Keep the lace flat and unwarped. Try to apply enough medium to saturate the lace but no more – you can add more coats later if you want a heavier lacquer look.

Leave it alone until it is completely dry. Apply more coats if you want to, allowing each to dry between.

Peel the lace up and it’s ready to use. If your fabric medium says you should heat set it do that now (with an iron, not a drier.)


You can use lace of any color for this, and you can color the fabric medium if you want lace that’s a different color.