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Gold, Copper and Wood Pin

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Now that I have gold (and now copper) leaf in my supplies I can’t seem to resist using them. I love the automatic imperfections that the process generates coupled with the perfect metallic that’s hard to get with any other method. This is a simple pin with two tones of metal leaf on a pale baltic birch.

– craft wood oval (this is laser cut and I know it’s baltic birch, but any light colored wood will work)
– 1/8 inch thick masking tape – art stores carry it
– metal leaf – gold and copper
– metal leaf size
– metal leaf sealer
– pin back
– E6000 or similar sturdy glue

On the pale wood these steps were invisible so you’ll have to read about them:
1) Seal the wood. Allow to dry I used the leaf seal, but you could use something else.
2) Mask the wood.
3) Apply a little more sealer over the edges of the tape (to prevent the glue from bleeding under the tape). Allow to dry.
4) Apply the size over the wood and masking tape. Allow to dry – my jar said 1 hour, but wood is still a little porous so I only left it for 30 minutes.
5) Remove the tape, being careful not to touch the sticky parts – skin oil will make the size less sticky.
6) Apply the gold and copper leaf, brush away the extra.
7) Seal the front one more time. Allow to dry.

Glue the pin back finding to the back of the pin. Hinge up is best so if it works open it won’t instantly fall off.