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Rose Hair Pins

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Tiny flowers have been showing up on all kinds of accessories lately. I really wanted to be able to just slip a few into my hair, so I attached some to bobby pins. If you’ve ever tried to glue something to a flexible metal hair clip of any style you know how easy it is to pop the glue when you use the clip. This means you need some other method of fastening to make them secure. I used thread secured with glue instead of wiring them on for two reasons – one is that the thread hides more easily than wire, and the other is that I didn’t have to worry about pointy wire ends. This method could work just as well for beads if you’d rather use those in your hair.

– polymer clay flowers with flat backs – mine came with holes but you could drill them if you were comfortable with that
– bobby pins
– thread that matches the pins or flowers
– jeweler’s cement, super glue or other metal and thread friendly glue
– needle that will fit through the holes in the flowers

Thread your needle. Tie it near the end of the bobby pin very securely.

Thread on your first flower. Stitch through the pin.

Stitch back through the flower going the opposite direction as you did the first time.

Tighten the thread. Stitch through the bobby pin again.

And through the flower one more time.

Stitch through the pin again, but don’t pull the thread all the way through.

Catch it with the needle to make a half hitch knot. Tighten it and more one or two more.

Add another flower and repeat the stitch process. Continue doing this until you have the desired number of flowers on your bobby pin.

Tie off with an extra half hitch or two at the end of the row. Cut your thread but leave an inch or two of tail.

Add glue dots on the thread and knots to secure it. The most important thing is that the thread is glued to the thread. Wedge a penny or two in the end of the pin to make sure the glue dries without gluing your bobby pin closed!

As soon as the glue is dry trim the threads and they’re ready to wear. Make a bunch for yourself or as gifts!