Make This:

Leather Triangle Earrings

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Quick and chic, these earrings are a great staple wardrobe accessory. They’re easy to make without giving up quality. This project is perfect for a bit of scrap leather from another project or from the grab bag you couldn’t resist at the craft store!


– leather – thinner is better
– jump rings
– ear hooks (or studs with loops like I used)
– ruler
– knife with sharp blade
– pliers
– pen

Cut 6 triangles from the leather. These are 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide. I marked off a 1 inch wide strip, then marked ever half inch. Connect the dots, then cut the triangles. You can use the knife or a pair of scissors (scissors aren’t best practice but these are small so it’s not that important.)

Mark a dot half way across the triangles. Cut a tiny slit over the dot.

Loop a jump ring through the hole in each triangle.

Connect the triangles into strings of three, then hook each onto an earring.

That’s it!