Metallized Feathers

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This is a super simple technique that’s a pretty way of making feathers a little brighter.

– feathers
– metallic spray paint (the kind that has a shiny cap or says it gives a metal/mirror finish is best)
– disposable glove
– well ventilated spraying area that’s covered for protection
– breathing an eye protection


You can be injured or die from spray paint exposure, the ventilation and skin protection warnings are for real. Read the can of paint and be smart about using it.

Feathers are weightless compared to the air force of paint leaving the can. I held each feather in my glove covered hand and sprayed it with the other. It took a tiny amount of paint to cover the feather. Use super light coats because it doesn’t take very much paint to weigh the feather down.


You see how I’m doing this in a beautiful space with a hardwood surface? That’s just for the picture. Protect what you’re spraying over because it’s hard to remove spray paint.


Hold the feather for a few seconds to let the paint set, then carefully set it on something like clean newspaper to dry. Mine were dry in about half an hour.

Once dry use them for any feathery project!