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Notepad Desk Calendar

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Organization is a place we’re always trying to improve at HDYMT headquarters. There are a lot of tasks we take on each week, and it can be hard to keep track. I use my phone’s calendar to keep track of appointments and deadlines, but it’s not as good as a to-do list because it’s not as quick to browse, and I actually have to open an app just to see what needs doing. This padded desk calendar is designed to fill in that technology gap – an easy to browse view of the weekly agenda with spaces for a list each day. It’s a stack of pages turned into a tear-away pad, and if you’ve never made one you should, they’re easy and convenient!




– ruler

– cutting mat

– utility knife or other sharp blade

– cautious respect for sharp tools

– clamps

– mat boards or other clamp-able smooth, flat boards (small pieces of plywood could work, too)

– rubber cement

– E6000, barge cement, or similar strong flexible glue

– pages to turn into a notebook (this could be our download or any paper of your choice)


Download files:

Weekly Desk Agenda US Letter

Weekly Desk Agenda A4

List Notepad US Letter

List Notepad A4


I used to make notepads like this fairly often using just rubber cement. I don’t know if I ended up with a less effective rubber cement this time, or if they’ve changed the formula since then, or what, but rubber cement alone wasn’t going to make this happen. To make a really useful pad you’ll also need that heavier weight E6000 or similar.


Cut your sheets down to the right size.


If you’re using a clear ruler like this and have the option, flip is so the printing is on the bottom – that makes it much easier to perfectly align it with your paper edge.


When everything is cut stack it so the top and sides are really neatly together.


Clamp the corners.


Place the boards on either side of the stack and clamp them in place.


Move your first two clamps to they’re in the center, or use one/none in the center if you’re making a smaller notepad.


Set it so the glue edge is up and spread a smooth layer of rubber cement over it. Allow to dry. Then add a layer of the E6000 and let it dry really well.


Unclamp it and trim any scruffy glue edges.


That’s really all. Place it somewhere that it will see lots of use and get to scheduling!