Make This:

Seaside Pendant

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After receiving such a positive response to the Seashell Earrings I posted recently I chose to make a pendant in a similar style.

Supplies and Equipment:
– small seashells
– pendant base – this is 18x25mm in raw brass
– jump ring and chain
Natural Sand Fine Medium (read below about emulating sand)
– Unbleached Gesso (read below about emulating sand)

These are the materials I used to create the look of sand. The Natural Sand medium is real sand mixed into clear acrylic gel. I used this in part because I had, and in part because sand contains microbes that could potentially cause glue to break down eventually. The paint company takes care of that microbe issue so it’s not a problem. The medium is the color of white sandy beaches when dry, so I used a tiny bit of the unbleached gesso to tint it.


Don’t let any of this stop you from doing this project. You can mix real sand into clear acrylic medium to achieve the same effect, or use any acrylic paint to tint the medium I used. All that matters is that you fill the pendant base with something sticky that looks like sand!

Mix the medium and color (or whatever you’re using) on something else.

Put a coat of the mix into the pendant base.

Place your shells into the medium while it’s wet. Let it dry, usually about 24 hours. Do your best to not mess with it once it’s set – it’s much easier to make it worse than to make it better.

Add the jump ring and chain!