Embroidery Floss VS #10 Crochet Cotton

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I’ve been using a lot of #10 crochet cotton for macrame projects here because I’m so into dying it. Not everyone loves dye, though, so I thought I’d try out one of my patterns with embroidery floss because it comes in so many good colors, no dye required. I picked the Seaside Plaited Macrame Bracelet because I’ve already made 10 or so, what’s one more? I also really love the design, so I knew I would actually wear it.


The embroidery floss is lower left (the lighter shade) and the #10 crochet cotton is upper right (the darker shade).


You can see from this picture that they are a little bit different, but only a little. The embroidery floss works up slightly shinier/silkier looking, slightly larger, and uses a tiny bit more length of strand to get the same results. The size difference is so small that I couldn’t really measure it – maybe 1mm or 1/32 of an inch different width. If I set the crochet cotton version on top of the embroidery floss version I could see the embroidery floss bracelet slightly along the edges. So many sentences to say they were almost the same.


The embroidery floss also didn’t curve quite as well in this pattern as the crochet cotton did (especially on the right edge, that curve fought a bit) but again, not really enough to be significant.


Overall, I’d say that in most applications embroidery floss and #10 crochet cotton are more or less interchangeable, which opens up a lot of great colors for projects!


To make this bracelet at the longest length you’ll need 3 skeins of standard 8m/8.4 yard floss – cut 1 long, 1 medium, and 1 short from 2 skeins, then the other 2 short from the remaining skein.